Justice & Jesus

Injustice is alive and well in our world.

Injustice is alive and well in our world.
So is the lack of knowledge about Jesus and what He has to say about this broken world in which we live.
Justice & Jesus is a chance for us to bring these issues together around a shared meal.


Your intuitions are correct. The world is not as it ought to be. There are more than 40 million men, women, and children in slavery – generating $150 billion per year for their traffickers. Why does power seem to always be on the side of the oppressor? Let’s talk about that.



He is the most influential person to ever set foot on the earth. What it is about Jesus that has made him the source of inspiration, motivation, and transformation for so many of the greatest social justice reformers throughout history? Let’s talk about that.


What is this?

Justice & Jesus is a 4 week conversation series. It happens over a meal. Together we are going to increase our understanding of human trafficking, the use and abuse of power, and the relevance of Jesus to both. It can happen in a home, dorm room, or any place a meal can be shared together.

We will help you with the conversation.

We will be providing multimedia and guiding questions. We will even give you some helpful tips to becoming a fabulous host.

You help with the food and friends.

Justice & Jesus happens over a meal. It can be simple pasta or catered food. Resist the temptation to skip the meal time. Remember, this is not a lecture series.


Introduce yourself. We’ll give you everything you need to get the conversation started.

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Hosting a Justice & Jesus meal series is as easy as 1,2,3.


1. Invite

Your friends to come to your house for a dinner and discussion series around modern-day slavery and Jesus.

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2. Watch and Discuss

Each week, we provide you with starter videos and questions to focus the conversation. No need to be an expert or come up with your own content.


3. Engage

At the end of the series, participants are invited to explore ways to both seek Jesus and seek justice in the area of human trafficking and modern day slavery.



A little

About Us


We believe a shared meal has the power to rescue and heal.


These meal conversations are a collaboration between International Justice Mission (IJM) and Cru.

We both care about people finding freedom. We both believe that every person, everywhere, matters. Meaningful conversations with people unlike us are increasingly rare. This is our way of setting the table for conversations that matter.

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