Who can host?

Anbody who loves the idea of gathering people together for a good conversation. Better yet, ask a friend to be a co-host. One doesn’t need to be an expert in justice issues to host a Justice and Jesus. We will offer simple training to help hosts create a welcoming and engaging environment for all who come.

What am I responsible for as a host?

We want to make it easy for you to be a host. You get to decide who will be around the table. We would challenge you to include diverse voices. Simple pasta or something more elaborate, serve the kind of food that makes the most sense for YOU. We'll give you a starter video and questions to get the conversation started each week. When everything is done, we'll ask you for some feedback and evaluation.

Is there training?

Yes! We want to help you become a remarkable host. That primarily means growing in the art of creating a safe and welcoming space for your guests. When you sign up to be a host, we'll send you a pretty awesome hosting guide which include starter videos and guided questions.

Does this have to be done over a meal?

It will be more fun and welcoming. Justice & Jesus is not a lecture series. It's not a Bible Study. This is a chance to gather around a table, to eat, to connect, to have a conversation that matters.

What if I can't cook?

Welcome to the club. Justice & Jesus conversations can work over Top Ramen or Top Sirloin. You might consider asking for help or rotating cooking responsibilities each week. Besides, this kind of sharing adds ownership and commitment among your group. We believe your commitment to creating a welcoming environment is the greatest skillset you will bring to the table.

When does Justice & Jesus happen?

You can sign up to be a host right now. You can begin whenever it works for your schedule. For your own planning, keep in mind that Justice & Jesus is a 4 week meal conversation series.

Do people have to commit to coming for 4 weeks?

This is a 4 week conversation series. Each weeks builds on themes from the previous week. While absences and new arrivals are both inevitable, your group will grow in trust and depth if you fight for consistency.

What are the goals?

In a climate of tribalism, where meaningful conversations with people unlike us are becoming increasingly rare, this is a space to have shared conversations that matter. We also want to scratch an itch. We want to make sense of our generation's intuitions about justice and the coexistence of good and evil in the world. Expect to increase your understanding of human trafficking, the use and abuse of power, and the relevance of Jesus to both.