It all started when…

Intuitions that We Seek to Validate this Week: Something is wrong in this world and it has to do with the misuse and abuse of power.

OPENING VIDEO: Supermaarko

Discussion Questions:

Overview the four questions: We are going to begin by having everyone share some of their raw emotional reactions to the video. Then we are going to ask you to share a little of our own story with each other—including telling each other what it is about these conversations that interests you. We will also discuss the issue of power in this story and we will end by inviting you to share a story from your own personal experiences of a time that you used power positively as well as negatively.

Question #1: Let’s go around the circle and talk about our emotional reactions to what we just watched. Let’s begin by naming an emotion we felt and then explaining it. You can go anywhere you want in your explanation, or you can just identify a scene in the video that evoked that feeling. Why are you upset by these videos?

Question #2: Injustice has everything to do with power. How did you see power used in this video—in positive and negative ways?

Question #3: These four dinner discussions about justice will be grounded in stories. Tell us a little bit of your story. Introduce yourself to the rest of the group by telling us a little about yourself and what it is about this topic that motivated you to be here.

Question #4: Talk about a time in your life when you used your power for the sake of the vulnerable. Share a time when you used power selfishly at the expense of the vulnerable.

Question #5: Why do you feel moved toward action after watching this? What is the story of reconciliation that you either know to be true or want to be true for him?

Question #6 Stories like this expose a tension we feel inside of living in a world that is not as it should be. Something in us longs for a better world. Do you experience this tension? How do you deal with it? How do you make sense of it (of injustice that you see in the world and your longing for justice)?

Closing Comments by Host:

We just saw a video about one victim of modern-day human trafficking that gives us a glimpse into the global and local nature of injustice.  Injustice is everywhere around us and it has to do with power.

Next week we will drill down on power by taking a look at someone who—among other things—is famous for the way he used power. How is it that a peasant Jewish Rabbi who was born 2000 years ago, lived on the fringes of an empire, had a public ministry that lasted only three years, died as a convicted criminal at the age of 32, could still so profoundly relevant today? What was it about what he said and did two millennia ago that continues to fascinate people today? Including famous social activists and reformers like MLK, Mother Theresa, Dorothy Day, Desmond Tutu, etc.? In particular, what was it about the way he used power that changed and continues to change the world? That will be the focus of next week so please come back.